American University for Humanities is of the leading institutions in The Republic of Georgia. The institution is based in both Georgia and United States of America which enable them to give a United States of America Degree. Studying at the American University for Humanities means that you will graduate with both a Georgian degree and an American degree (Double Advantage). This is one offer that you must never miss.

It is a global, liberal arts institution of post secondary education emphasizing academic excellence in a humanitarian environment. The university provides quality American Higher Education based on its traditional renowned liberal education, but in an innovative manner that is commensurate with the demands and requirements of the global process of change.

It is a learner-oriented institution that provides an Academically challenging and dynamic medium of learning in a moral community for all seekers of consciousness, self-betterment and human achievement from diverse backgrounds all around the globe who will be the future role players in this constantly changing world.

The didactic processes at this University are aimed at assisting learners to become an effective, multifunctional, multi-disciplinary, and servants of humanity now and throughout their lives. the basic philosophy of Education in this University is to shift education from a rote memorization of bygone-based subjective interpretations, to the training of the mind to recognize, research and implement real-world strategies objectively.

The English Medium courses include;

  • Business Administration
  • International Realtions
  • MBA

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