Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The objective of this program is to develop students into broadly educated business managers and executives who understand the nature of business as a whole, with the tools and techniques applicable to a wide variety of business situations. The capstone for the M.B.A. program gives students the chance to bring together all of the theories, skills and tools studied during the program and integrate them into a learning experience that highlights the nature of competition and the kind of strategic maneuvering that must be done in order to succeed.

The thorough basis of core courses provides students with solid background in business/management field broadening their understanding of area and its sub-fields. The core courses (coded BUSA) are offered along the program and enables students to shape their knowledge (theoretical and practical), ability to apply the knowledge and other skills for future successful employment in managerial/administrative positions or it prepares students for handling of entrepreneurial activities. Core courses are offered only to develop competences needed broadly in business.

Elective courses enable students to deepen their understanding of business management and broaden competencies in selected sub-areas or in general. The program enhances the development both research and managerial/practical skills through specific components such as Capstone in Business Development and Entrepreneurship, and Master Thesis.

Methods employed are widely based on case study methodology including mixture of interactive teaching (including class discussions) and promotion of independent personal development through combination of theoretical components, problem solving and practical experience, aiming at development of knowledge, skills and values needed for successful implementation and management of managerial/entrepreneurial activities in line with the requirements of constantly changing complex business environment and labour market.