University Of Georgia

University of Georgia, Tbilisi is one of the highly rated Universities in Georgia. They have only only a few English Medium courses, which include, Nursing, Business Administration and MBA. The Information Technology english medium department will soon comence also. The mission of The University of Georgia is to expand the boards of knowledge and to educate students in the way that, with successful career and/or scientific achievements, which will be based on honesty, dignity, generosity of spirit, hard work and high professional qualification, they will contribute to form cultured, faithful, democratic, human, moral and fiscally healthy society with a high level of civil consciousness. 

At the end of 2002, two professors from Tbilisi State University and Georgian Technical University, Giuli Alasania and Manana Sanadze, decided to set up a Centre for American Studies that would offer the MA degree in American Studies. The aim of the work of the Centre was to study and research the USA - one of the most successful countries in the world. Later on, similar programs were offered in European studies. According to the wish of the MA students, the programs were developed in a way that made it possible for them to study not only the USA or Europe in general, but also to gain knowledge in the Western management model of one of various spheres of the social life: Public Administration, Business Administration, Management of Culture and Education, etc.: On July 21, 2004, the School of Social Sciences, Ltd, was established, based on the Centre. The same year, 2004, the partners decided to establish a higher educational institution, a University, on the base of the School of Social Sciences. The institution was named Georgian University of Social Sciences. The founders of the University developed the University Statute, the structure, and its supreme governance body - the Board of Trustees. The first meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on 24.03.2005. Dr Alasania was elected Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. Dr. Sanadze was elected Rector of the University. In 2005 – 2007 the university grew considerably. Bachelor's level programs have been added on Master's programs. The university enrolled its first undergraduate program students in September, 2005. In the fall of 2006 the university started its first PhD programs. The first PhD program graduate of the university is Prof Edward R Raupp. The degree was conferred upon him after he had transferred his credits to the university and defended it in front of the UG council.

Later, University of Georgia established international contacts and international programs with well-known and world leading universities such as: University of Scranton, Central University of Florida, Lakeland collage (USA), University of Lille (France), University of Munster (Germany) and University of La Sapienza (Italy).).
In 2010, at the university of Georgia, for the first time in Post Soviet union space, OPIC Implemented 8-million investment for development of University's infrastructure and used for cultivation of western standards. Exactly by OPIC's investment we're implementing repair work of newly purchased building. The building will be done in summer of 2012 year, where will be located 3000 students. Design of New building will be corresponding of modern standards, which means fully equipped auditory, Computer rooms, media centers and other conditions, which are characteristics of modern universities. Besides the fact that students will study in a comfortable place, they also will have an opportunity to involve in academic affairs, such as: meeting in clubs, attendance at seminars and participation in the training's, for their career advancement.

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