Hostel/ Accommodation in Georgia in managed by some universities, while in some universities, students stay off Campus and are completely responsible for their well being. There are good hotels with basic equipment and conducive environment suitable for students. International student who are applying to study in Georgia, need be aware of the accommodation state of the country. They are expected to ask and or know if the particular institution they are applying for handles the accommodation process. Please get us aware of how you would like to live in Georgia, make an indication in your application form, so we could give the directions needed.

The following are the Accommodation Details:

You are always welcome to study in Georgia.

  1. You can find accommodations for different prices in Georgian cities. It depends, what requirements you have.
  2. If you are looking for cheap accommodation, you can choose home-stay in a hospitable Georgian Family, Monthly price starts from 100USD
  3. Average price price for the apartment of 40-60m2 starts from 300USD per month, the apartment can be shared by several students.
  4. Also there are some hotels and the daily prices starts from 40USD
  5. Double apartment, price 500USD per month, may be shared by two (2) students
  6. Triple room apartment, price 600USD per month, may be shared by 3-5 students

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